• you will clarify, shape, sharpen and accelerate your creative, hard and ill-defined Art work with well-defined interdisciplinary Science frameworks to be well-structured, visual and easy to grasp,  quality assured and productive in learning,
        • are welcome to implement your favorite specific theories and approaches: systematic (ADDIE), agile (SAM) and any others,
        • may perform Analysis of Organizational Activities (with Business Missions, Tasks and Objectives Identification), Professional Activities (with Job/Task/Competencies identification) , Instructional Activities (with instructional sub-Activities, Tasks and Objectives identification) and Learning Activities (with Learning sub-Activities, Tasks and Objectives identification)
        • enjoy a unified interface allowing smooth transition from rapid design/prototyping of simple courses by novice authors up to serious design of complex courses by expert authors,
        • enjoy clear, error-preventing visualization of Content in progress, automatic verification of consistency and sufficiency, quality assurance, contextual help and guidance,
        • may use our web-based Authoring Tool for Rapid design of adaptive Content by automated creation of single Objective-targeted clusters of Learning and Testing Tasks, Media templates and Resources sufficient for automatic generating of dynamically adaptive personalized learning by our Tutoring Engine
        • may start from Rapid job/task/needs Analysis, then continue with aligned Rapid design of blueprint Content, its automatic verification, test-driving and perfection on this early stage to exclude costly multimedia redevelopment later on,
        • may use the blueprint Content “as is” for quick knowledge sharing or as a basis for further developing of rich interactive multimedia by outsourcing to professional developers,
        • may meaningfully integrate learning objects into a unit, units into a lesson, lessons into a course, courses into a curriculum, …
        • may create macro-courses of any complexity from simple “one-bite size” micro-learning courses
        • may use our web-based Authoring Tool for Serious design of adaptive blended Content of any complexity by reusing our simple unified frameworks, integrating principles, media templates, clear examples and style parameters to assure high quality of dynamically supervised adaptive personalized learning,
        • may smoothly transfer from your Rapid to Serious design step by step; we recommend getting started from Rapid top-down design of a course seed/skeleton and then continue with Serious Design in any direction (in height, width or depth)  by adding and perfecting the Content, adding more diversified Tasks for better adaptivity of learning,
        • publish your Content on our website, your own websites or LMS to play it back by your learners,
        • get feedback from learners and other stakeholders for manual improving  your Content,
        • enjoy automatic improvement of your Content based upon Big Data of crowd learning,
        • you, the authors, deserve the smarter tools than those on the market now,
        • you will keep all your authoring rights,
        • if you are a freelancer, then assign your own price for your course and get paid at least 70% of its revenue; due to world-wide scale-ability, your course on our platform can make you a fortune.
        • if you are an experienced tutor, then you are in the best position for creating adaptive courses.
          • You can use them as your own cyber-assistants displaying current proficiency of your learners and providing you with recommendations on what to do next or
          • You can let them work with your learners directly around the globe 7/24 providing your interventions on learner’s demand only.


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